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Views: 14049 / Downloads: 4157 Despertar del Cementerio v7

Despertar del Cementerio v7
Developer Dark_AleX has released an update to his Despertar del Cementerio "Universal Unbricker," adding the ability to fully regenerate the IDStorage.
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Views: 6795 / Downloads: 865 PSP Firmware 4.05

PSP Firmware 4.05
Yes, it's that time again. PSP firmware 4.05 is now available for download, a relatively minor update that adds a wider selection of music visualizers.
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Views: 26293 / Downloads: 5171 Kurok PSP v0.4

Kurok PSP v0.4
Homebrew developer MDave has issued a hefty update to his Turok-inspired first-person shooter known as Kurok.
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Views: 11961 / Downloads: 2210 Phantasy Star Portable Demo

Phantasy Star Portable Demo
SEGA has released a playable demo of its PSP action RPG Phantasy Star Portable, giving players a taste of both single and ad-hoc multiplayer gameplay.
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Views: 5768 / Downloads: 584 Wolfenstein 3D PSP v5.0

Wolfenstein 3D PSP v5.0
Developers Zack and Chilly Willy have teamed up to release an updated build of the Wolfenstein 3D PSP port. Notable features TV-out functionality and proper fullscreen support.
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Views: 4827 / Downloads: 554 Basilisk II PSP v1.1.1

Basilisk II PSP v1.1.1
Ported to the PSP by Chilly Willy, Basilisk II is a portable open-source 68k Macintosh emulator. Notably, version 1.1.1 features new and optimized underlying code-base, providing a six percent increase in emulation speed.
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Views: 3081 / Downloads: 230 FuSa Build 47

FuSa Build 47
FuSa is a custom firmware plugin that enables PSP Slim owners to play UMD titles, as well as PSone games and video files on any television regardless of the input cable used - composite, component, S-video, or D-terminal.
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Views: 4254 / Downloads: 388 Hellcat's Recovery Flasher v1.21

Hellcat's Recovery Flasher v1.21
Hellcat's Recovery Flasher is an all-purpose utility that allows users to easily backup and restore content on the PSP's flash memory.
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Views: 2563 / Downloads: 132 Cross Extended v1.1

Cross Extended v1.1
Compatible with custom firmware 4.01 M33, Cross Extended is a plugin that displays detailed system information to users regarding their PSP, such as the motherboard type, battery voltage, and installed plugin modules.
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Views: 4610 / Downloads: 521 Despertar del Cementerio v6

Despertar del Cementerio v6
Dark_AleX's Despertar del Cementerio, more commonly known as the "Universal Unbricker," allows users to install and restore custom firmware on any PSP unit regardless of model or motherboard, excluding TA-88 v3 units.
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