Date Added: 09/05 / Author: Dolphin dev team / File Size: 5.69MB

Dolphin x64 rev4205

System Requirements

* Windows XP x64, Windows Vista x64 or Windows 7 x64
* Fast CPU

with SSE2. Dual core a plus.
* Any reasonable modern GPU, support for pixel shaders 2.0 required.

New Features

* Interprets Action Replay codes
* Full Xbox 360 Controller support, with rumble


Dolphin is a Gamecube emulator. It also has preliminary support for Wii and basic Triforce emulation (this is pending a commit, and does not run games yet).

Gamecube compatibility is okay-ish - many games work, many games don't work. The main Nintendo games like Zelda, Mario Sunshine and Pikmin are without sound.

Wii compatibility is not as good as the Gamecube compatibility, but several games are fully playable, and lots of games are showing intros and more.
Usage Notes

The GUI should be pretty much self-explanatory.

To use Action Replay codes, follow the examples in the Patches subdirectory. Use + in front of a cheat name to activate it. The cheats can be named anything.

To start in debug mode, pass /d (or -d) on the command line.

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