Date Added: 06/15 / Author: Andy_Man (FuSa Team) / File Size: 63.81KB

FuSa Gamepad V2

How to install?
Simply copy PSP folder to the root of your MemoryStick.

How to use?
Just connect USB cable and PC will automatically recognize your psp as a GAMEPAD.

Do I need install drivers?
No, you don't need anything

FuSa GamePad will automaticaly turn off psp's display after 7 sec (as it's connected)

What kind of GAMEPAD I will get?
4 axises: (X/Y/Z/Rz) (Analog Joystick)
*To switch between (XY/ZRz) use NOTE (you heed hold it)

8-directional POV: (Digital Pad)

And 12 buttons:
Button 1 - CROSS
Button 2 - CIRCLE
Button 3 - SQUARE
Button 4 - TRIANGLE
Button 5 - L-TRIGGER
Button 6 - R-TRIGGER
Button 7 - START
Button 8 - SELECT
Button 9 - HOME
Button 10 - VOLDOWN
Button 11 - VOLUP
Button 12 - DISPLAY

What will be there in the next versions?
In the next version you will be able to adjust buttons at your own taste :)

What OS is it compatible with?
Tested on WinXP, but should work with almost every OS

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