Date Added: 04/22 / Author: Sony

PSP Firmware 5.50

Firmware 5.50 for PSP introduces a PS3-esque live information board for daily updates regarding all things PSN. Other noteworthy changes focus on organization, specifically the ability to store media files in subfolders.


* The number of folder levels that you can view under Sleep timer (Photo), Sleep timer (Music) and Sleep timer (Video) has been increased.

* If you select [Internet Search] from the options menu for a game, you can now perform an Internet search based on the name of that game.

* [Trend Micro™ for PSP™] has been added as an option in the Internet browser. *

* Fees may apply to use of Web filtering services. For more information about Trend Micro™ for PSP™ visit our Parental Controls website.

* You can now access PlayStation®Store even if you do not have a PlayStation®Network account.

* An option to sign in automatically is now available for PlayStation®Store. Select [Sign In Automatically (Auto Sign-In)] on the PlayStation®Store sign-in screen.

* [Download All] has been added as an option for use when multiple items are purchased from PlayStation®Store.

* Less free space is now required on Memory Stick Duo™ media when downloading games from PlayStation®Store.

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